5 tips to create privacy in your backyard

August 24, 2017

Even with the best neighbors in the world, sometimes you want a little privacy in your backyard… it is your backyard after all!

Here are 5 essential tips to incorporate privacy in your backyard design!

1- Choose the best spot

The first step in creating an intimate patio, is choosing the best spot for it. Use a large element that is already a part of your yard as a natural privacy cloak.

Large elements include:
– A wall from the house, garage, or shed
– A mature tree

*The large shed in this yard, made with Rinox stone, doubles as the perfect privacy wall for the entire backyard.

2- Opt for plants

Ecological and economical, using plants is a simple and effective way to create a peaceful oasis in your yard. The vegetation will add freshness as well as intimacy.

The ideal plants? For privacy throughout the entire year, install cedar hedges in your yard. They require little maintenance and grow taller each year, creating more and more privacy as time goes on!

Extra tip: Install the cedar hedges along the top of a retaining wall. This will create extra height, and therefore extra privacy!

3- Intimacy screens

Another way to create a private space is adding an intimacy screen. They are both aesthetically pleasing, and private.
There are many options available to you:
– Walls made from decorative stone
– Shutters
– Outdoor curtains
– Gazebos

This yard utilizes both a retaining wall, as well as a decorative stone intimacy screen made with Rinox products, to establish their privacy cocoon.

4- Rethink your fence

There is nothing wrong with traditional fences, but at times, they help with keeping people out of the yard but not from seeing through. Alternately, choose a stone wall to fence in your yard. Not only are they beautiful, there is no way that anyone will be able to peek through it!

5- Add a pergola or garden gazebo

With or without a roof, these decorative structures create an intimate space while protecting you from the sun and other weather conditions.
The structures help define a certain area. They can also provide shelter for spas, outdoor kitchens and lounge chairs.