Alternative Masonry

Decorating your home with Thin Veneer

February 16, 2018

Ever look around your house and think “what if I change the chandelier in the living room” or “a bold paint color would look amazing here” or anything along those lines? Guilty! Thin veneer stone is a great way to spruce up an area of your home. Did you know it can be used both inside your home and on the exterior? Read below for ideas on where you can use thin veneer stone in and around the house!


Don’t let the fire be the only source of warmth in your living room. Use the Kenya stone or the or the Campagnard around your fireplace to add a warm country feel. With the variety of colors, you will definitely find one that matches your décor!

Kenya Moorecrest


Campagnard Amaretto

What could be nicer than enhancing the style of your wine cellar with stone veneer? Make every time you reach for a bottle of wine feel like a mini getaway to the winery itself by using the Violie stone or the Campagnard stone inside the wine cellar. You can also achieve a more modern feel by using the Alfio white.

Violie Charcoal


Campagnard VIP Color

Often times there is one designated “stand out” wall in both the living room and the master bedroom. A wall that says, “I am meant to shine and be the first and only thing you notice when you walk in here”. That wall is most often painted in some kind of bold color. What about replacing paint with a stone veneer such as the Sirenis for a modern twist to that vintage feel. Keep it timeless with our dry stack Santa Fe stone, or better yet use the Kenya stone in your entrance staircase to give your home that wow factor you’ve been missing!

Sirenis Icy Grey


Santa Fe Charcoal


Kenya Moorecrest

Of course, any landscaping product would surely upgrade your backyard, however, few people know that stone veneer can also be used in multiple areas outside. Use the Alfio stone to add an eclectic vibe to your backyard. It’s the perfect addition to your BBQ and kitchen area. This stone can also be used as décor for those everyday sheds. Say goodbye to boring and impress all your guests this summer season!

Alfio Blended Cream


Alfio Blended Cream

So, what are you waiting for? Go on our website and browse the endless designs, textures and colors, to add that pop you didn’t even know you were missing!